2019 Naish Dash

Designed for experienced kiters that like to push the limits, the 2019 Naish Dash is THE fast-steering kite that delivers powerful pull and an engaging ride. Built to move, the 2019 Naish Dash generates powerful pull with ample bar pressure and more direct feel, which makes for incredibly fast turns. Active riders that like to keep their kite moving will appreciate the quick steering and dynamic feel of the 2019 Naish Dash kite. Continue reading “2019 Naish Dash”

2019 Naish Boxer

Blending efficiency and innovation, this forgiving 2019 Naish Boxer is incredibly versatile. Designed primarily for foiling, the 2019 Naish Boxer has proven to be so adaptable and accessible, it appeals to all skillsets and riding styles. A single luff strut marries the best characteristics of strutless and strutted kite designs. The strut’s relaxed connection to the canopy creates a dynamic structure, which allows the canopy to freely expand and contract, while maintaining the strength of a strutted framework to handle heavier loads with ease. Continue reading “2019 Naish Boxer”

2019 Naish Ascend PU Surf Foilboard

While the Hover Surf Comet echos a traditional surfboard silhouette, the Hover Surf Ascend packs more volume per inch (in height). Wider than our Comets, with a more square and parallel outline, the 2019 Naish Ascend PU Surf Foilboards pick up even the tiniest waves with little effort. The 2019 Naish Ascend PU Surf Foilboards concave deck section is not only more comfortable when paddling, it is also a “self centering” feature when popping up—guiding the feet into the ideal position in relation to the foil. Continue reading “2019 Naish Ascend PU Surf Foilboard”

2019 Naish Hover 120 Sup Foilboard

Fitting riders of all sizes, the 2019 Naish Hover 120 SUP Foilboard features a short, wide shape that boasts a huge sweet spot for a board of its length. While it’s a clear “no-brainer” for first-time foilers—thanks to its unbelievably stable shape—this 2019 Naish Hover 120 SUP Foilboard is also a great choice to progress with, as the foil can be positioned further back as experience grows. Continue reading “2019 Naish Hover 120 Sup Foilboard”

2018 Airush Wave Kite

The 2018 Airush Wave kite delivers further refinement to the dedicated wave purist or surf freestyle rider. One of the key aspects of the 2018 Airush Wave Kite is the unique ability of the kite to engage smooth power delivery and precise steering. Whether far back in the window during a powered bottom turn in onshore conditions, flying far forward in the window in offshore conditions, or at a high angle of attack: the 2018 Airush Wave Kite delivers. Continue reading “2018 Airush Wave Kite”