Here’s to the SuperWomen!

Here’s to the SuperWomen!

Gisela Pulido

We like to think of this day as more than Mother’s Day.  Today we’re recognizing all of the mothers, aunts, sisters, daughters, friends, wives, and girlfriends. You rip. You rock. And we’re better off for having you around.

Ines Correia

The Kite-Line headquarters now has two little girls (ages 1 and 3) running around – offering their personal take on everything from your kite purchase to the kale their mom made them for lunch. Mom and Grandma and Nan are huge in their lives.  And we know they will have female role models that extend far beyond our biological family. We’re glad there are so many extraordinary women for them to look up.

So let’s take today to celebrate all the awesome women kiters- all the pros and  all the local launch stars. Here’s to all the women who support their kids, partners, and friends in the sport with countless launches and hours shared on the water. Join us in a hearty, “Cheers!” to all the women and girls who make this sport more awesome!

Bruna Kajiya

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