2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite

The 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite is for anyone who wants a light weight set up that offers incredible handling with great low-end performance. Now with a range of sizes going from 3m2 to 17m2, the 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite is the perfect kite for light wind freeriding and foiling in any conditions. Thanks to its stability and light weight, the 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite can show off interesting performance in light wind wave riding too. Our design and test team have worked tirelessly to bring significant improvements to the 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite. You’ll discover the new 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite has a more stable canopy when depowered and the overall range of the kite has been widened. Across the range of sizes, the handling has been finely tuned; the larger sizes are even more responsive, making them perfect for manoeuvres. Continue reading

2019 F-One Bandit XII V12 Kite

The 2019 F-One Bandit XII V12 Kite Summer Edition is an early release, only 1500 will be produced worldwide, sizes for that edition are from 7m to 17m (7/8/9/10/11/12/14/17) and they have a dedicated color combo and will be numbered. A collector edition! The 2019 F-One Bandit XII V12 Kite is the best “One quiver kite” on the planet  still gets better over the years. The 2019 F-One Bandit XII V12 Kite provides incredible control that is coupled with a  handling experience you will never forget. No matter what your level or style, the BANDIT is the kite that delivers! Continue reading