2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard

The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard is efficient, light and forgiving – the personification of a light wind board. The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboards shape allows for playful riding, goes upwind easily and offers a highly comfortable ride with very good planing characteristics. The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard will increase your number of days on the water and experience pure riding comfort in the lightest breeze. Continue reading “2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard”

2019 Cabrinha X:Breed Foil

The all-new X:Breed foil crosses seamlessly between surf and freestyle with the added ability to attach a hydrofoil. The X:Breed slips nicely into our surf range by offering solid surfing performance and exceptional freestyle abilities. The X:Breed crosses seamlessly between surfing and freestyle. Letting you flex your versatility muscles any time you please. The twin nose and tail shape draw a straighter rail line than a board of the same size. This means that the board has the feeling of a longer board in a shorter, more compact package. What makes the X:Breed Foil unique is its ability to attach any of our Hi-Rise hydrofoil to it. The X:Breed Foil opens the door to the exciting world of foilboarding. Continue reading “2019 Cabrinha X:Breed Foil”

2019 Cabrinha Double Agent

The 2019 Cabrinha Double Agent crosses seamlessly between surf skating and hydrofoiling. With the expanded range of our all new foil wings, masts and fuselage, the 2019 Cabrinha Double Agent just became much more customizable to your riding preference. The 2019 Cabrinha Double Agent is a wood constructed surf skate shape that doubles as the perfect deck to mount our new Hi-Rise hydrofoil system. With three different mast sizes (40, 60, 85cm), and a high speed or high lifting wing set, your foiling needs are well covered. Continue reading “2019 Cabrinha Double Agent”

2019 Naish Apex Bindings

Designed for superior comfort, the 2019 Naish Apex Bindings are the market’s leading ergonomic binding for all styles of twin tip riding in a stealthy new colorway. The 2019 Naish Apex Bindings features a full array of adjustment settings to easily adapt to feet of any size and shape. The 2019 Naish Apex Bindings offers precise positioning, fit and remarkable comfort while maintaining outstanding board feel. The 2019 Naish Apex Bindings four-way adjustable footstrap can also be conformed to both large and small feet, keeping kiters locked-in and confident when riding. Continue reading “2019 Naish Apex Bindings”

2019 Cabrinha Ultralight Straps

The 2019 Cabrinha Ultralight Straps is a minimal coverage strap that provides maximum board connection. The comfortable and lightweight 2019 Cabrinha Ultralight Straps is perfect for surfing, foiling and racing, keeping you locked in with a direct feel. The Ultralight non-adjustable strap gives you the perfect fit and foot placement stability when you ride. Continue reading “2019 Cabrinha Ultralight Straps”

2019 Cabrinha H3 Binding

The 2019 Cabrinha H3 Binding is a fully adjustable boot designed for the unique forces of kiteboarding. Unlike a traditional wakeboard boot, a kiteboard boot spends long periods of time on it’s heel side edge. This puts your ankle in a slightly different position and the 2019 Cabrinha H3 Binding is designed to accommodate that position. Continue reading “2019 Cabrinha H3 Binding”

2019 Naish Motion Kiteboard

The 2019 Naish Motion Kiteboard has built a global following over the years, providing unrivaled versatility in one “do-it-all” design. This 2019 Naish Motion Kiteboard offers something for kiters of all stages and styles from freeride and freestyle performance to twin tip waveriding functionality. The 2019 Naish Motion Kiteboards full rocker and beveled razor channel rails handle even the choppiest of waters smoothly. Continue reading “2019 Naish Motion Kiteboard”

2019 F-One Bandit XII V12 Kite

The 2019 F-One Bandit XII V12 Kite Summer Edition is an early release, only 1500 will be produced worldwide, sizes for that edition are from 7m to 17m (7/8/9/10/11/12/14/17) and they have a dedicated color combo and will be numbered. A collector edition! The 2019 F-One Bandit XII V12 Kite is the best “One quiver kite” on the planet  still gets better over the years. The 2019 F-One Bandit XII V12 Kite provides incredible control that is coupled with a  handling experience you will never forget. No matter what your level or style, the BANDIT is the kite that delivers! Continue reading “2019 F-One Bandit XII V12 Kite”