2019 Cabrinha ACE CARBON

The 2019 Cabrinha ACE CARBON is designed for Freeride creatives that want to bend the rule of gravity, the 2019 Cabrinha ACE CARBON model will free the shackles of conformity. Its progressive outline is a mix of freeride curves and freestyle bottom shaping. The result is a 2019 Cabrinha ACE CARBON that’s fully capable of any type of riding that you want to put it through.

Getting big air is in the 2019 Cabrinha ACE CARBON’s DNA. With King of the Air and world record jump titles to its credit, the 2019 Cabrinha ACE CARBON is the go-to model for riders who are defining the big air genre.

2019 Cabrinha ACE CARBON Features

  • High end construction for performance and speed in all conditions
  • Exclusive use of Japanese Toray structural carbon
  • Stiff flex pattern for a rapid response & explosive pop
  • Tough, lightweight & responsive carbon construction
  • Early planing lift & reliable edge hold
  • Quad channels in the tips for grip when loading off back-foot
  • Channels on rail for grip
  • Maximum upwind drive & grip


2019 Cabrinha ACE CARBON
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