2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite

The 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite is for anyone who wants a light weight set up that offers incredible handling with great low-end performance. Now with a range of sizes going from 3m2 to 17m2, the 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite is the perfect kite for light wind freeriding and foiling in any conditions. Thanks to its stability and light weight, the 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite can show off interesting performance in light wind wave riding too. Our design and test team have worked tirelessly to bring significant improvements to the 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite. You’ll discover the new 2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite has a more stable canopy when depowered and the overall range of the kite has been widened. Across the range of sizes, the handling has been finely tuned; the larger sizes are even more responsive, making them perfect for manoeuvres.

2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite Features

– Ultra lightweight
– Unbeatable low wind performance
– Exceedingly stable, even when overpowered
– Total control with excellent bar feedback
– Great speed control on a foil
– Easy relaunch with reverse launch capabilities too


2019 F-One Breeze V2 Kite
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