2019 Flysurfer Rush

The 2019 Flysurfer Rush provides immense pop, precision and control; exactly what you need for more technical tricks. The 2019 Flysurfer Rush is also fun and easy to ride, giving you confidence in all conditions. This 2019 Flysurfer Rush board is aimed at riders who want to push their skills. Get ready to unlock your potentia. Never before have we created a deck dedicated to freestyle that’s as smooth and easy to ride as the 2019 Flysurfer Rush.

Utilizing the Split Concave and a Constant Curve Rocker, the 2019 Flysurfer Rush provides a stable, speedy ride while maintaining upwind drive and soft landings after powered tricks. The 2019 Flysurfer Rush’s thin profile means minimal swing weight for your most radical spins. Thanks to the blunt tip and tail shape, the Double Stepped Rails and a new flex pattern, the 2019 Flysurfer Rush creates immense pop, absorbs chop and gives you full control when you are locked in—ready for high speed boosting.


2019 Flysurfer Rush
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