2019 Naish Hover 95 SUP Foilboard

Suitable for riders up to 190 pounds, the 2019 Naish Hover 95 SUP Foilboard features a compact shape that boasts a huge sweet spot for a board of its length, making it ideal for lighter first-time foilers or advanced riders. These 2019 Naish Hover 95 SUP Foilboards come with standard FCS fins and are equipped with the FCS II Eco Fin System for riders who prefer to use tool-less fins from FCS.

When you’re finished foiling, utilize the quad fin setup of this multi-purpose design in a SUP-surfing session. Blending the best design elements from its predecessor, the Raptor SUP, it offers great surfing performance in small-to-medium size surf.


2019 Naish Hover 95 SUP Foilboard
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