Slingshot Nitro 14′ SUP

Slingshot named this board “Nitro” for a reason: it’s fast… very fast. With a sleek and piercing bow, low-profile body, V-Tunnel bottom and lightweight construction, the Slingshot Nitro 14′ SUP exemplifies the balance between comfort and efficiency as it glides through the water with ease. The Slingshot Nitro 14′ SUP is an ideal board for racers, distance Continue reading

Ozone Edge V9 Kite

The 2017 Ozone Edge V9 Kite has a unique pedigree, well known to pack a serious punch! The Ozone Edge V9 Kite takes it to the next level – an explosive high adrenaline freeride machine that will leave you in withdrawal after every session. True addiction comes naturally with the Ozone Edge V9 Kite, the heavy hitter Continue reading

Ozone Pure V1 Complete

The Ozone Pure V1 Complete launches easily and inflates constantly while rising up to the zenith without high acceleration. The Ozone Pure V1’s handling is very progressive which is ideal for riders with little or no previous kite flying experience. Power delivery is smooth and constant with intuitive de-power capabilities, making for a good wind range per size. The Continue reading

2019 Naish Triad

The new to those seeking an easy-riding experience, anyone looking for an easy to control kite will enjoy the 2019 Naish Triad, is much more than an evolution of the Ride, it’s been redesigned and re-engineered. We’ve taken the original iconic user-friendly design and developed it further to be even more versatile and provide a whole new Continue reading

2019/20 Naish Dash

Advanced kiters looking for a fast and powerful kite will be stoked on the 2019/20 Naish Dash. Simply put, this 2019/20 Naish Dash kite flies fast, turns fast and has a powerful and “punchy” feel. The C-shape, small leading edge and relatively flat profile create strong pull immediately, which is a huge benefit for riders looking Continue reading

Ozone Catalyst V2

The first thing you will notice is the Ozone Catalyst V2 is very stable and predictable to launch, land and fly. It has “sheet in and go” power delivery, helping you to get up and ride easily. The wide wind range and progressive de-power lets you ride in variable and gusty conditions comfortably. The updated airfoil Continue reading