2019 Slingshot Glide

The 2019 Slingshot Glide is deceptively agile, the 2019 Slingshot Glide is a light wind board will keep you cruising in fan-wind bliss while others body-drag back to the beach in anguish!

~ Gives you the light wind range of a surfboard with the performance of a twin tip
~ Freestyle-friendly thanks to a long, slender outline
~ Tapered at the tips for a more dynamic performance
~ Great for larger riders and beginners who need extra lift and easy takeoff
~ More agile and versatile than other “light wind” boards

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2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper 101 F-Kite Carbon 2.0

The 2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper 101 FKite Carbon 2.0 will make you ride harder, fly faster, jump higher, cover new distances, nail new tricks and find new limits: The 2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper 101 FKite Carbon 2.0 is high-performance freeride foiling at its finest. Fred Hope is a magician on the water, and the 2019 Slingshot Ghost Whisper 101 FKite Carbon 2.0 is his magic wand. Its medium aspect wing has a fast top-end (about 30knotts), but also has enough lift to cruise comfortably at half that speed. Continue reading

2019 Slingshot Dwarf Craft Micro

This 2019 Slingshot Dwarf Craft Micro is a thinner version of the Dwarf Craft 3’6” and is a treat for experienced foilers who want a super light, minimalist setup they can take just about anywhere and do anything with. The Dwarfcraft 3’6” is already a minimalist setup, but after experimenting with the 2019 Slingshot Dwarf Craft Micro, a thinner version, our testers and team riders told us it was lighter, more responsive and gives them a more direct, connected feel to the foil and the water. At the advanced level, the decrease in weight and distance between feet and foil makes a noticeable difference in feel and performance, making the 2019 Slingshot Dwarf Craft Micro just another tweak that helps take the sport to new heights.

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2019 Slingshot Simulator

The 2019 Slingshot Simulator allows your learning will be stimulated with the softest and cushiest board in foiling. You’ll go from slipping to ripping … and you’ll do it without getting beat and bruised up in the process. With a universal size and shape, the 2019 Slingshot Simulator is a crossover multi-tool you can use to paddle in the waves, tow behind a boat or jet ski, ride with a kite and safely learn or teach. Continue reading

Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP

This sleek Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP is our dedicated SUP surfer capable of handling any wave you’re willing to paddle into. The Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP features a slender profile and aggressive bottom and rail contour designed for superior high speed handling and aggressive edge to edge carving. If you’re serious about upping your SUP game in the waves, the Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP is the board to do it with.  Continue reading

2019 Crazyfly Skim

The 2019 Crazyfly Skim has a straighter outline for improved the low end performance and upwind ability. The 2019 Crazyfly Skim is a perfect toy for light wind fun and small surf conditions. The 2019 Crazyfly Skim strapless set up provides unlimited possibilities for exploring new tricks and stance positions. You can put the fins on, which see the 2019 Crazyfly Skim perform very well upwind, even in super lightwind conditions. Or for a nice skatey feel it’s equally happy being ridden without fins. The 2019 Crazyfly Skim is also great fun in smaller waves, where you can carve them up or use them as kickers for strapless tricks.

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2019 Crazyfly Shox

The 2019 Crazyfly Shox is the ultimate upwind machine and the most comfortable freeride board in our range for intermediate to advanced riders. It is the most flexible board in our range providing ultimate comfort. The 2019 Crazyfly Shox takes advantage of Multi Channel bottom shape and brand new V Tips which provide unmatched upwind performance and increase the overall all-round abilities of the 2019 Crazyfly Shox. Step Cap deck technology allows for thinner rails and sharper edging. Continue reading

Ocean Rodeo Duke

The first version of Ocean Rodeo Duke blew the doors off our expectations and those of our customers. Launched in 2015, the Ocean Rodeo Duke was a fresh take on a directional kiteboard and borrows heavily from design teams many years of surf, kite and windsurf experience. The Ocean Rodeo Duke’s deep Mako concave ensures this board rides smoothly over the chop, reducing nose chatter often associated with other directional boards. The concave also helps the Ocean Rodeo Duke rip up wind and leads to a much more stable board with a massive sweet spot, good for transitional footwork and landing tricks.

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Ocean Rodeo Jester

The Ocean Rodeo Jester joins the Duke as the trickster of the court, rounding out the world’s first line of kiteboard dedicated funboards! Team riders and the design team classify the Ocean Rodeo Jester as hyperactive, twitchy and one hell of a fun board to ride. The Ocean Rodeo Jester is built for riders of all sizes who crave a light and lively ride or ideal for a smaller, lighter rider who will appreciate the thinned volume and outline.
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