2019 F-One Mitu Essential Series

Mitu is very meticulous and involved when it comes to his 2019 F-One Mitu Essential Series. There’s no shortcut with his testing. His approach is fueled by a lot of curiosity and a very fine analysis on how the board operates. Totally focused from day one, he invests all his experience into the tests. Offshore, side-off, onshore, Ponta Preta, Kite-beach, surfing, jumping, the board must tick all the boxes to be this all-in-one ripping machine. With the 2019 F-One Mitu Essential Series compact outline, the deep single concave remains the DNA of the MITU PRO MODEL which is known for its easy planing, sharp acceleration and great directional stability. The bottom features a channel at the front of the board to help while landing fins front. The 2019 F-One Mitu Essential Series maneuverability is really impressive and takes advantage of a much refined rockerline. Continue reading

2019 Crazyfly Raptor

The 2019 Crazyfly Raptor remains a freeride freestyle high performance board for intermediate to advanced rider level. The 2019 Crazyfly Raptors new shape features an edge control track on the bottom for added grip and a subtle center V for more speed under control. Brand new Triaxial 45 degree Eglass layup ensures higher heel to toe stiffness for increased pop and more flex along the length of the board for added comfort and softer landings. Brand new double carbon stringers on the deck and bottom give the new 2019 Crazyfly Raptor a new dynamic feel. The Step Cap deck technology allows for thinner rails for ultimate edging and amazing upwind.  Continue reading

2019 Crazyfly Cruiser LW

The 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser LW was, is, and always will be the ultimate lightwind machine. The 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser LW received a complete makeover. With new step cap deck technology, we improved stiffness, so the 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser LW board maintains its designed rocker for riding in ultra light winds. The new outline with sharper squared tips maximized surface area to squeeze the most light wind performance out of this 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser LW board. Continue reading

Airush Lithium V10

The Airush Lithium V10 contains the most premium construction in the Lithium range, the Airush Lithium V10 Core uses the Teijin Technoforce D2 Double Ripstop Canopy and our exclusive Airush Load Frame with WebTech, a combination that makes this kite by far the strongest kite we have ever designed. For riders who spend countless hours on the water, the Airush Lithium V10 Core construction is ideal.

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2019 Crazyfly Slicer

The 2019 Crazyfly Slicer is a brand new addition to our board range and it definitely stands out from the crowd. Blending together the most advanced technologies and materials while focusing on the best possible performance, we created the 2019 Crazyfly Slicer. With the most advanced full carbon layup, the 2019 Crazyfly Slicer is extremely light weight for its size. The 2019 Crazyfly Slicer’s carbon construction and step cap deck technology ensure that the board maintains its designed rocker for riding in ultra light winds. With hand finished rails, and as the name suggests, this 2019 Crazyfly Slicer flies upwind with unmatched edging. Continue reading

2019 Crazyfly Raptor LTD Neon

The 2019 Crazyfly Raptor Neon LTD became our top selling board in its first year, which says everything about how good this board really is. It has exactly the same great shape and full carbon construction as the regular Raptor LTD, but the Neon has bright colors to make it more visible in dark waters. This comes especially handy for riders who progress and often body drag back to the board after crashing. Sticking to its core properties of a high end freeride/freestyle board, it remains a full carbon, ultra light masterpiece. Continue reading

2019 Cabrinha Cutlas Surf

The all-new 2019 Cabrinha Cutlas Surf is specifically designed for riders who like to mix rail to rail surfing with aerial trickery. There are days when you just wish your board was turbo charged. For these days you need the 2019 Cabrinha Cutlas Surf. The 2019 Cabrinha Cutlas Surf has a short and moderately wide outline, a fast rocker line, and a quad fin set up. All the elements needed for sharp turns and quick acceleration. Continue reading

Cabrinha AV8

The Cabrinha AV8 is designed for riders looking for an exceedingly efficient kite to foil with while also offering the attributes of a boost & hang time machine. The Cabrinha AV8 kite is a highly efficient 5 strut power source that can facilitate an incredibly high VMG (Velocity Made Good). The Cabrinha AV8 kite’s lean profiles and optimized AR deliver the highest level of performance in a light weight inflatable structure.

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