2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboard

The 2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboards rocker line and bottom shapes are made to provide SUP surfing performance when ridden without a foil and comes with a quad fin setup and are equipped with FCS II Eco Fin boxes.The 2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboards 10” track system is strategically positioned for both surf and windsurf foiling and reinforced with a high density foam block and stringers that disperse the load of the foil evenly. To achieve better SUP foil performance position the foil towards the front of the track system. Once the wind picks up, simply slide the foil to the back of the tracks, creating the best possible trim and attach a sail and included footstraps.  Continue reading

2020 Naish Hover 112

Highly compact with minimal volume, the 2020 Naish Hover 112 takes full advantage of minimalist design. The 2020 Naish Hover 112 is intended for experienced-to-expert foilers, this petite 2020 Naish Hover 112 board delivers superior control in tight turns for a dynamic and responsive riding experience. When riding strapless, another key advantage of the 2020 Naish Hover 112 is its size is the ability to sink the board and position it on its edge for easier take-offs. Continue reading

2020 Crazyfly F-Lite

The 2020 Crazyfly F-Lite is a feather light full carbon, ultra-small low volume foil board suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. The 2020 Crazyfly F-Lite is a high performance easy to ride board with a full diamond grip deck footpad and concave deck for easy maneuvering during gybes. Riders who already know how to foil will appreciate the 2020 Crazyfly F-Lites small size, low weight and dynamic transfers of energy into the foil. Continue reading

2020 Cabrinha Stylus

The 2020 Cabrinha Stylus is designed for riders who want to make the most out of extremely light winds and/or larger riders. Light wind has been a dirty word in kitesurfing since day one. That has now changed since the introduction of the 2020 Cabrinha Stylus. The 2020 Cabrinha Stylus is a high performance light wind model that has a knack for pulling all of the speed and power out of less than perfect wind conditions.

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2020 Litewave Wing

The 2020 Litewave Wing has evolved into the strongest, fastest, and lightest all-conditions BOSS! Riding in ultra light wind has never easier, even for the big guys. The 2020 Litewave Wing‘s  tip-to-tip radical concave smooths out chop and makes for a very positive carving feeling. Tips are very thin and flexy with built-in torsion bars to maximize carving performance under load. This 2020 Litewave Wing is truly a “session saver”. Continue reading

2020 Litewave Kick-S Kiteboard

The all new 2020 Litewave Kick-S Kiteboard is a radically channeled freestyle platform with top quality construction including carbon stringers for added “pop”. The 2020 Litewave Kick-S Kiteboards bullet-proof core uses a vertically laminated Paulownia wood/epoxyconstruction, which utilizes a uni-directional and tri-axial to reinforcement to deliver the perfect blend of low weight and easily controllable flex that delivers huge load-and-pop capability. Continue reading