2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboard

The 2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboards rocker line and bottom shapes are made to provide SUP surfing performance when ridden without a foil and comes with a quad fin setup and are equipped with FCS II Eco Fin boxes.The 2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboards 10” track system is strategically positioned for both surf and windsurf foiling and reinforced with a high density foam block and stringers that disperse the load of the foil evenly. To achieve better SUP foil performance position the foil towards the front of the track system. Once the wind picks up, simply slide the foil to the back of the tracks, creating the best possible trim and attach a sail and included footstraps. 

On the 2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboard we’ve increased the suitability for foil windsurfing by adjusting the positioning of the footstrap inserts. Through this we have achieved a more relaxed windsurf position that gives loose and maneuverable performance while on foil. The possibility to apply more rail pressure and increase speed by leaning outward in a more natural windsurfing position is also present. Simply put, the 2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboards  are the ultimate choice for the waterman that loves to do it all.

2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboard Construction

~ Glass Matrix Outer Deck & Bottom = Increased impact strength & durability
~ Full PVC Sandwich Glass Matrix Deck & Rail = Lightweight, longitudinal stiffness
~ CNC Cut EPS Core = Absolute precision shaping
~ Grooved & Embossed EVA = Lightweight + ultimate grip + better durability over time


2020 Naish Hover Crossover Foilboard
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