2020 Slingshot Raptor V1

If Go Big or Go Home is your motto, the Slingshot Raptor V1 is the kite to get you there. NEW to the Slingshot lineup for 2020, the Slingshot Raptor V1 is a hard-charging, high-flying, big air freestyle/freeride crossover designed for riders who want big-time boostability and high-performance versatility.

Designed by Slingshot’s own mad scientist, Tony Logosz, the Slingshot Raptor V1 features a five-strut, hybrid Open-C canopy and familiar Slingshot DNA that give it pro-level top-end performance without sacrificing the safety or user-friendly feel that appeals to a broad range of riders.

Slingshot Raptor V1 Features

NEW kite for 2020 – Dedicated high-performance freestyle/freeride crossover

NEW 4×4 Canopy Tech – The strongest and stiffest material on the market

NEW Segmented swept wingtips

Tuned for big boosts, lofty airs and aggressive performance

Hybrid Open-C profile gives it all-conditions versatility and tons of wind range

Canopy supported by five struts for maximum rigidity when boosting & looping

Will make you at least 22% more radical than your friends


2020 Slingshot Raptor V1
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