Airush Wave V8

Wave and strapless riding have come a long way since we first introduced the Airush Wave V8 kite, but through ongoing development, we continue to take those driving turns, big strapless forwards, and smooth power delivery to a new performance level. The Airush Wave V8´s updated shape is focused around refinement, while customization through bridle options give a fresh perspective.

The benefits of the unique construction of Airush Kites is evident in the Wave, where the Load Frame, absolute premium materials and years of construction refinement deliver the perfect balance of light weight drifting capabilities and precision turning with durability and reliability.

Airush Wave V8 Highlights

~ Direct response, agile turning with perfect drifting capabilities.
~ Shipped standard with V3 bridle and an optional fixed bridle.
~ Updated wingtip shape for stability and gust response.


Airush Wave V8
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