2020 Airush Wave V9

The 2020 Airush Wave V9 is designed to deliver smooth power and high performance, the 2020 Airush Wave V9 is your go-to for wave and strapless riding. Customizable fixed or pulley bridles allow you to pick between a more direct steering and an on-off power delivery, or a smooth and progressive gust response with lighter bar pressure. Whichever you choose, the 2020 Airush Wave V9 offers you direct steering, agile turning, and perfect drift capabilities, allowing you to enjoy the most the surf has to offer.  Continue reading “2020 Airush Wave V9”

Airush Lithium V10

The Airush Lithium V10 contains the most premium construction in the Lithium range, the Airush Lithium V10 Core uses the Teijin Technoforce D2 Double Ripstop Canopy and our exclusive Airush Load Frame with WebTech, a combination that makes this kite by far the strongest kite we have ever designed. For riders who spend countless hours on the water, the Airush Lithium V10 Core construction is ideal.

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2018 Airush Wave Kite

The 2018 Airush Wave kite delivers further refinement to the dedicated wave purist or surf freestyle rider. One of the key aspects of the 2018 Airush Wave Kite is the unique ability of the kite to engage smooth power delivery and precise steering. Whether far back in the window during a powered bottom turn in onshore conditions, flying far forward in the window in offshore conditions, or at a high angle of attack: the 2018 Airush Wave Kite delivers. Continue reading “2018 Airush Wave Kite”