2020 Cabrinha H2O

The 2020 Cabrinha H2O is specifically designed for the discerning rider who values a fully customizable fit and uncompromising performance. For those that want style, quality, performance and craftsmanship. Designed for outstanding fit and comfort, the 2020 Cabrinha H2O offers an unprecedented ergonomic binding interface. The 2020 Cabrinha H2O’s incremental adjustment provides an industry first innovative heel to toe adjustability to conveniently modify the shape, position and fit of the top strap. In conjunction with the 360° compression strap, the 2020 Cabrinha H2O provides a locked feel unlike no other. Continue reading

2020 Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil

The 2020 Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil is the control system for the next generation. Customization and personalization are at the core of this extremely versatile 2020 Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil control bar. The Modular system allows you to easily customize your connection method to perfectly match your style of riding. Configure your 2020 Cabrinha Overdrive Modular 1X Recoil connection for Freestyle, Surfing, Freeriding, Foiling, or Racing in under 3 seconds. Continue reading

2020 Cabrinha Stylus

The 2020 Cabrinha Stylus is designed for riders who want to make the most out of extremely light winds and/or larger riders. Light wind has been a dirty word in kitesurfing since day one. That has now changed since the introduction of the 2020 Cabrinha Stylus. The 2020 Cabrinha Stylus is a high performance light wind model that has a knack for pulling all of the speed and power out of less than perfect wind conditions.

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2020 Cabrinha XCAL Wood

The 2020 Cabrinha XCAL Wood is designed for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a freestyle model that can perform in varied water conditions. Nothing beats the feel of a natural wood core when it comes to a high performance dampened ride. The 2020 Cabrinha XCAL Wood shares the same shape as its carbon counterpart but has a completely different ride, especially in less than perfect water conditions. Continue reading

2020 Cabrinha Tronic

The 2020 Cabrinha Tronic  is designed specifically for riders who want twin tip capability for use in the surf, the 2020 Cabrinha Tronic has literally carved its way into the hearts and quivers of its large following. The 2020 Cabrinha Tronic is a twin tip with an outline and rocker made for rough water and surf. The 2020 Cabrinha Tronic cuts through chop with ease and pushes through G-force inducing turns with power and control. Continue reading

2020 Cabrinha Drifter

The 2020 Cabrinha Drifter is specifically designed for kitesurfing in waves and strapless surf freestyle, the 2020 Cabrinha Drifter has the ability to engage and disengage its power on command. While catching a wave you want all the power you need but while surfing, you often want the kite to completely disappear while you surf on your own power. Its in this moment of pure surfing where you want a kite that ‘drifts’ down the line with you in a stable and predictable way. We dubbed this phenomenon Drift Stability and it is the crucial ingredient in a performance surf kite. This is why the 2020 Cabrinha Drifter has no equal. Continue reading