2020 Cabrinha FX

The 2020 Cabrinha FX kite is specifically designed for riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks, love jumping big and kiteloops. The world of Freestyle / Crossover kiting has evolved into an exciting genre in our sport. Once a very narrow and technical discipline is now a mix of technical tricks and massive aerial maneuvers, both hooked-in Continue reading

2020 Cabrinha Contra

The C2020 Cabrinha Contra is perfect for any rider that wants to extend their game into the lightwind arena with a responsive, lightwind kite. Light wind used to be considered the archenemy of kiteboarding. That was until Cabrinha introduced the 2020 Cabrinha Contra light wind kite with its unmatched efficiency and performance combination.

2020 Cabrinha Spade

The 2020 Cabrinha Spade is designed for riders who like to mix rail to rail surfing with aerial trickery, the 2020 Cabrinha Spade is our ultra-versatile performance surfboard. The 2020 Cabrinha Spade starts with a slightly wider and curvier outline that lends itself to tight turns in the pocket of any sized wave.

2020 Cabrinha X:Breed

The 2020 Cabrinha X:Breed is designed for riders that want a board that crosses seamlessly between surf and freestyle. The 2020 Cabrinha X:Breed slips nicely into our surf range by offering solid surfing performance and exceptional freestyle abilities. The 2020 Cabrinha X:Breed crosses seamlessly between surfing and freestyle. Letting you flex your versatility muscles any time you please. The 2020 Continue reading