2019 Crazyfly Raptor

The 2019 Crazyfly Raptor remains a freeride freestyle high performance board for intermediate to advanced rider level. The 2019 Crazyfly Raptors new shape features an edge control track on the bottom for added grip and a subtle center V for more speed under control. Brand new Triaxial 45 degree Eglass layup ensures higher heel to toe stiffness for Continue reading

2019 Crazyfly Cruiser LW

The 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser LW was, is, and always will be the ultimate lightwind machine. The 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser LW received a complete makeover. With new step cap deck technology, we improved stiffness, so the 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser LW board maintains its designed rocker for riding in ultra light winds. The new outline with sharper squared tips maximized Continue reading

2019 Crazyfly Slicer

The 2019 Crazyfly Slicer is a brand new addition to our board range and it definitely stands out from the crowd. Blending together the most advanced technologies and materials while focusing on the best possible performance, we created the 2019 Crazyfly Slicer. With the most advanced full carbon layup, the 2019 Crazyfly Slicer is extremely light Continue reading

2019 Crazyfly Girls

Comfort, style and performance are the building blocks for a functional girl specific 2019 Crazyfly Girls board. Our 2019 Crazyfly Girls’s board has always been specially designed for girls – with an appropriate construction and proper adjustments to suit the needs of girl kitesurfers. The 2019 Crazyfly Girls board benefits from Multi Channel bottom shape and new V Continue reading

2019 Crazyfly Cruiser

The 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser received a complete makeover. With new step cap deck tehcnology, we improved stiffness, so the 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser maintains its designed rocker for riding in ultra light winds. The 2019 Crazyfly Cruiser is a light wind machine. The name sums it up perfectly: Cruising around, having fun and enjoying the ride even in Continue reading

2019 Crazyfly Shox

The 2019 Crazyfly Shox is the ultimate upwind machine and the most comfortable freeride board in our range for intermediate to advanced riders. It is the most flexible board in our range providing ultimate comfort. The 2019 Crazyfly Shox takes advantage of Multi Channel bottom shape and brand new V Tips which provide unmatched upwind performance and Continue reading