2019 Flysurfer Boost-3 Kite

The 2019 Flysurfer Boost-3 Kite offers the perfect balance between design and function to underline your riding style. The 2019 Flysurfer Boost-3 Kite is reliable and robust whilst offering accessible performance with maximum control and agility. The 2019 Flysurfer Boost-3 Kite will give you the confidence and inspire you to go higher. Lift your game! The third generation 2019 Flysurfer Boost-3 Kite benefits from the new Short Bridle System for a direct and stable flying feeling. Continue reading “2019 Flysurfer Boost-3 Kite”

2019 Flysurfer Rush

The 2019 Flysurfer Rush provides immense pop, precision and control; exactly what you need for more technical tricks. The 2019 Flysurfer Rush is also fun and easy to ride, giving you confidence in all conditions. This 2019 Flysurfer Rush board is aimed at riders who want to push their skills. Get ready to unlock your potentia. Never before have we created a deck dedicated to freestyle that’s as smooth and easy to ride as the 2019 Flysurfer Rush. Continue reading “2019 Flysurfer Rush”

2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard

The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard is efficient, light and forgiving – the personification of a light wind board. The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboards shape allows for playful riding, goes upwind easily and offers a highly comfortable ride with very good planing characteristics. The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard will increase your number of days on the water and experience pure riding comfort in the lightest breeze. Continue reading “2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard”