2020 Naish Skater

The 2020 Naish Skater is a great fit for beginner up through advanced kiters, the modern shape of the 2020 Naish Skater takes directional strapped or strapless riding to new levels in any condition. The outline and length of the 2020 Naish Skater is finely tuned to deliver optimal control and balance, helping riders execute aerial tricks and hit critical sections with ease and confidence.

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2020 Naish Torch W/ESP

The longest running kite in the Naish line, the 2020 Naish Torch w/ESP has kept freestyle and big-air specialists stoked for over a decade. With input from Red Bull King of the Air Champions and top freestyle kiters, the 2020 Naish Torch w/ESP continues to be refined and tuned to deliver smoother power and precise handling for predictable flying. Adjustments to the leading edge and 5th line deliver marked improvements in low end power, ensuring maximum power delivery in marginal conditions.  Continue reading

2019 Naish Stomp

The 2019 Naish Stomp offers riders the best of all worlds: superior freestyle and freeride performance with the advantages of a wakestyle-inspired design. With input from 2017 Triple-S Champion, Ewan Jaspan, the 2019 Naish Stomp has been shaped to hold up to the most demanding maneuvers. The 2019 Naish Stomp is ideal for aggressive wakestyle riders using footstraps or boots, this 2019 Naish Stomp delivers insane drive, edging and pop. The 2019 Naish Stomps medium-to-high rocker answers the crucial needs of any freestyler. It delivers solid upwind performance and increased speed; grants superior pop, while remaining forgiving in flat landings; and maintains a smooth ride—even in choppy water.

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2019 Naish Skater

Responsive and snappy, the 2019 Naish Skater is the ultimate board for kiters who ride a variety of conditions and the perfect choice for twin tip riders that are new to directional riding. Featuring a compact, modern shape, the 2019 Naish Skater takes directional strapped or strapless riding to new levels of fun anywhere in any condition. The 2019 Naish Skater has been fine-tuned with a wider, more flowing outline and smoother rocker to deliver improved control and balance. This assists riders as they execute aerial tricks and hit critical wave sections with ease and confidence. Continue reading

2020 Naish Pivot

Winner of Red Bull King of the Air, the 2020 Naish Pivot is direct, versatile and efficient, maintaining its standout performer status in the Naish kite line. Perfect for both novice and professional kiters alike, the 2020 Naish Pivot provides plenty of sheet-in-and-go, predictable power, direct bar pressure, easy jumping and control in the air. The superior choice for versatile performance, the 2020 Naish Pivot maintains a large wind range, proving dynamic and responsive in everything from waves to flat water.  Continue reading

2019 Naish Drive Kiteboard

Drawing inspiration from the Naish Motion—a global favorite—the 2019 Naish Drive Kiteboard features a similar freeride shape in a high performance-oriented design. The 2019 Naish Drive Kiteboard is ideal for intermediate-to-advanced riders who demand an extremely lightweight and responsive board, the 2019 Naish Drive Kiteboard delivers offers superior speed and upwind performance.

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Naish Wing Surfer

The Naish Wing Surfer is the ultimate handheld inflatable surfing wing. It’s a cross between a windsurfing sail and kiteboarding kite but with no rigging, no hardware and no strings attached! The Naish Wing Surfer is made with the same industry leading and high quality materials and construction as Naish kiteboarding kites, utilizing Quad-Tex canopy material and top-of- the-line Teijin dacron leading edge and strut for lightweight, yet long lasting performance. Our goal with the WNaish Wing Surfer was to pinpoint where performance meets simplicity. The Naish One Point Inflation System allows for quick inflation while integrated ergonomic handles along the center strut provides comfortable and easy handling.

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2019 Naish Triad

The new to those seeking an easy-riding experience, anyone looking for an easy to control kite will enjoy the 2019 Naish Triad, is much more than an evolution of the Ride, it’s been redesigned and re-engineered. We’ve taken the original iconic user-friendly design and developed it further to be even more versatile and provide a whole new riding experience. This new, three-strut frame provides greater stability. The center luff strut creates great low end power, allowing the to those seeking an easy-riding experience, anyone looking for an easy to control kite will enjoy the 2019 Naish Triad kite to drift and providing great sheet-in-and-go. Continue reading

2019/20 Naish Dash

Advanced kiters looking for a fast and powerful kite will be stoked on the 2019/20 Naish Dash. Simply put, this 2019/20 Naish Dash kite flies fast, turns fast and has a powerful and “punchy” feel. The C-shape, small leading edge and relatively flat profile create strong pull immediately, which is a huge benefit for riders looking to jump high. The 2019/20 Naish Dash not only turns fast, it completes them really nicely too. Continue reading