2019 Nobile Flying Carpet

The Nobile Flying Carpet is a big, wide and stable board model. The Nobile Flying Carpet boards Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape guarantees very good upwind performance thanks to the long backside edge. The Nobile Flying Carpet boards AirLight Core construction, the board maintains a unique comfort during the ride, despite being such a big size.

2019 Nobile 2HD

The Nobile 2HD boards Hydrodynamic Rocker Line is designed for maximum speed and early planing. The Nobile 2HD boards shape gives very good upwind performance, designed to avoid water resistance at high speeds, and it is contructed using Pop Grower technology, to ensure the most explosive pop.

2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboard

This year we introduced the fourth generation of our W-Connection patented solution. The 2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboards improved connection has been redesigned from scratch. Its shape has been changed completely, which resulted in better distribution of the force. Furthermore, the 2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboards new shape allows precise connecting and comfortable disconnecting from the board. Continue reading