2019 Nobile Infinity Split Foil

The 2019 Nobile Infinity Split Foil is a unique foil board! This is only one foil splitboard. We precisely redesign the 2019 Nobile Infinity Split Foil’s connection to have more perfect connection and improve all the features of 4th generation of NSC. The 2019 Nobile Infinity Split Foil board has a very thin core which lets you put your feet very close to the water or hydrofoil and, as a result, facilitates steering and board feeling. Continue reading “2019 Nobile Infinity Split Foil”

2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboard

This year we introduced the fourth generation of our W-Connection patented solution. The 2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboards improved connection has been redesigned from scratch. Its shape has been changed completely, which resulted in better distribution of the force. Furthermore, the 2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboards new shape allows precise connecting and comfortable disconnecting from the board. Some of the 2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboards connection’s constructional elements have been reduced, while others have been replaced with durable composite. This has resulted in reduced weight, improved stiffness and durability in connection points, as well as retaining the natural properties of the board, so the connection won’t impact the comfort during the ride. We have also used the CAP construction which has a box-type structure, where the edge of a wooden wedge is fully secured with a laminate. The 2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboard is lighter, stiffer and much more resistant tobreakage. What’s new: •W-Connection – IV Generation •CAP construction •Easy to pack in standard luggage •New size 5’2”. Continue reading “2019 Nobile Split Foil Kiteboard”