Ocean Rodeo Duke

The first version of Ocean Rodeo Duke blew the doors off our expectations and those of our customers. Launched in 2015, the Ocean Rodeo Duke was a fresh take on a directional kiteboard and borrows heavily from design teams many years of surf, kite and windsurf experience. The Ocean Rodeo Duke’s deep Mako concave ensures this board rides smoothly over the chop, reducing nose chatter often associated with other directional boards. The concave also helps the Ocean Rodeo Duke rip up wind and leads to a much more stable board with a massive sweet spot, good for transitional footwork and landing tricks.

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Ocean Rodeo Jester

The Ocean Rodeo Jester joins the Duke as the trickster of the court, rounding out the world’s first line of kiteboard dedicated funboards! Team riders and the design team classify the Ocean Rodeo Jester as hyperactive, twitchy and one hell of a fun board to ride. The Ocean Rodeo Jester is built for riders of all sizes who crave a light and lively ride or ideal for a smaller, lighter rider who will appreciate the thinned volume and outline.
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