F-One Halo

The F-One Halo is a ram-air kite designed to enjoy the pure feeling of flying a kite in all conditions and on all terrain. Whether you are at the beach going for a freeride lightwind session, a ride on the slopes or on a mountain board, the F-One Halo is a sporty kite which is rewarding to fly. Intuitive and forgiving, the kite requires less control input as its aspect ratio is adapted to each size which makes up for all wind variations. The F-One Halo kite goes naturally forward in the window with each gust. This allows a comfortable ride with no efforts. It is very reliable and exceptionally maneuverable. The kites are available in 8, 10, 12, 15  and 19 m². All sizes have a huge wind range. You can ride relaxed knowing that you’ll be fine even if the wind picks up or goes down.

The smaller sizes are ideal for carving on a foil. The bigger sizes will satisfy all your light wind sessions, whether you’re on your foil or even on a TT or a surfboard. It is built from 38g canopy material with insignia half circle reinforcement on every attachment point to increase the durability. The F-One Halo will be your best travel companion as it is much lighter and takes less room than an inflatable kite. The compression bag has been thought to fold the kite only once and has backpack straps.

F-One Halo Highlights

Designed for all conditions and all terrain
Exceptionally manoeuvrable
Easy to travel with
Reliable and offers a comfortable ride


F-One Halo
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