Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight

The Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight version is 25% lighter and packs down to around half the size! The Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight offers true performance increases and enhanced flying characteristics. The Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight inflates quicker, launches in lighter winds, flies faster, stays in the air longer in gusty conditions, and is more reactive even in the lightest breeze. 

The Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight technical backpack is the same design as the standard version using lighter materials. The Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight kites will be produced on request only, please contact your local dealer/distributor and order early to plan for production and delivery time.

Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight Highights

– Highest quality light weight materials
– Universal high level foil kite
– Any surface – water, land or snow
– State of the art technology
– Experienced riders or with previous foil experience

Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight
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