Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP

This sleek Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP is our dedicated SUP surfer capable of handling any wave you’re willing to paddle into. The Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP features a slender profile and aggressive bottom and rail contour designed for superior high speed handling and aggressive edge to edge carving. If you’re serious about upping your SUP game in the waves, the Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP is the board to do it with. 

Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP Features

• Tackle any break with a board designed for serious SUP surfing
• Less pearling, easier paddle out with the Rant’s scooped nose
• Stay straight: The Rant tracks exceptionally well thanks to fin configuration, V-Spine bottom and tucked rail
• Customizable fin configuration with five fin boxes
• Light weight construction means less yank when you crash in the waves


Slingshot Rant 9’0″ SUP
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