Slingshot Slingwing

We didn’t come up with the symmetrical wing concept, but the Slingshot Slingwing was a FIRST, at least as far as we are aware, in utilizing our inflatable kite technology to ensure a lightweight, safe & floatable product. Looking back, it’s clear why the Kite Wing worked on snow and ice but the water-bound Wind Weapon never really took off. The reason: Friction (or lack of). Friction is the reason we haven’t seen handheld wings work for water sports, and the reason we kept the Slingwing tucked away in the R&D vault until only recently.

Enter the Foil

Foiling essentially eliminates all friction once you’re up and riding. Being a pioneer and leader in all things foiling, we knew someday soon larger wings with more lift and better riders would evolve to a point where a device like the Slingshot Slingwing would have a place. Like a lot of things Slingshot and designer Tony Logosz has created over the years, the Slingwing was simply ahead of its time.

Slingshot Slingwing Technology

  1. Bombproof Slingshot Construction
  2. Reflex Inflatable Trailing Edge Design
  3. Power Grip Y Handle Layout
  4. Wide Boy Mono Strut
  5. Buddy Windows
  6. Skate Scuff Tough Strips
  7. High Pressure Valves
  8. 30 Piece Constant Curve Leading Edge
  9. One Pump
  10. Leading Edge Surf Handles
  11. Split Strut
  12. Wrist Safety Leash
  13. SlingWing Back Pack


Slingshot Slingwing
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