Top Tips on Buying Used Kiteboarding Gear

You have made the decision that it is time to purchase your own kitesurfing gear after realising that new gear requires a significant financial commitment and can be extremely pricey. Fortunately, there is a sizable second-hand market that allows you to purchase kitesurfing gear at a reasonable price if you lack the funds to do so. Due to their equipment’s subpar performance, many people who purchase cheap second-hand kites online wind up having a difficult time learning to kitesurf. Although learning to kitesurf can be challenging and requires a lot of practice, having decent equipment is undoubtedly helpful! 

To assist you decide whether to buy new or used kiteboarding gear and what to watch out for when buying used gear, we’ve put together some helpful tips and tactics. 

Purchase New Kites Or Used Models?

The most expensive alternative is unquestionably purchasing new kites, but you will also receive the most recent model. Every year or every two years, the majority of kite manufacturers introduce a new model, and you may frequently save money by purchasing an entire set. If you purchase new equipment at a good price and treat it well, you can typically resell it for a respectable profit on the used market after a few years. 

Purchasing Used Items Online 

The used kitesurfing equipment industry is a sizable one. You can find equipment on eBay, Facebook groups for used goods, and other websites. Almost brand-new models and kites from a few years ago are both available. Naturally, certain kites get cheaper as they get older, and it can be alluring to get a full set at a very low price. 

Always keep in mind that a kite has typically been used more as it gets older. After frequent use, kites may lose their shape, and the line on the bars may extend, resulting in varying line lengths and decreased performance. An older model that has been in use for some time may be more difficult to understand and improve upon, making the entire learning process tedious. 

Kites From A School For Sale 


You can purchase a set of the newest models for less money at the end of the season when most schools sell their equipment. Make sure you inspect the equipment for any repairs and find out how long it has been used for rental or instruction. School kites are frequently used much more than personal kites. It gives you a fantastic opportunity to evaluate the material in advance, especially if you are taking lessons or renting equipment from the institution. 

What To Look For When Purchasing Used Kites 

If you have the possibility, it is always ideal and advised to inspect the used equipment before you buy it. Are there any repairs on the kite, and if so, were they done by a professional? Look for any holes in the canopy and feel it to see whether it still feels sturdy or if it has become fairly thin. If the kite does not hold air after being pumped up for a long, there may be a problem with the bladder or valve. If the kite requires any of the aforementioned repairs, think about whether the price is reasonable and whether you are satisfied with the kite’s state before making a purchase. Purchasing used kites has a certain amount of risk, but if you thoroughly inspect them, you may reduce it. 

You should verify that all of the lines in the bar are the same length. If not, the bar needs to be cut; you can do this on your own or have a school do it. An untrimmed bar might prevent a flawless kite from flying properly, giving you the impression that your skills are what are holding you back. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the bar lines when buying a used bar, especially if you sense something is off. 

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When purchasing used kite equipment, it is wise to seek a school for a recommendation if you are new to kitesurfing. If you have any questions concerning the equipment you are interested in purchasing, don’t hesitate to drop us a quick note. 

Boards And Harnesses 

Kites are more expensive and less durable than harnesses and boards. If you’d like, you can buy them brand-new, but most used equipment will only have minor flaws, which won’t significantly detract from the quality.
By focusing on above mentioned tips, you can be safe from any sort of bad surprises while purchasing used Kiteboard gear